Confidential bottle

Terre d'Emotion Brut

Terroir and soul united in this special bottle.
A wine of sharing, a wine of exchange for the highlights of your life, when spirit and pleasure are as one.

" A bright gold yellow appearance with a gold green shimmer. Expressing at first notes of brioche and flavors of mayflower and violet, he develops into a fine and greedy nose. The mineral fragrance of limestone and flint, enhanced by a spicy touch of white pepper, is reminiscent of the Terroir. "


Terre d'Emotion Blanc de Blancs

A pure expression of a Marne Valley Chardonnay. 100 % Chardonnay. This true jewel in a silk case will be the response for any refinement desire.

" The nose is an ode to the Chardonnay, with flavor of locust tree, hazelnut, almond paste, soft meringue and fresh butter. Full aromas are remarkably outlined by a fresh acidity, something like thin lace, and supported by a soft chalk minerality."


Terre d'Emotion Blanc de Noirs

A combination of power, delicacy and refinement. 100% Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The ideal partner to all your meals.

" The nose is at the same time concentrated, rich and open.  After a first impression of greedy vanilla and toasted brioche, he clearly develops to red fruits like blackcurrant and raspberry. The creamy bubbles contribute to the smooth texture in a fairly pleasant persistence. The ultimate feeling of greediness is enhanced by fresh, fine aromatic notes.   "


Terre d'Emotion Rosé

A sweet, tender and romantic Champagne. Rare and precious, he will share all your emotions.

"The nose reveals subtle flavors of red berries, providing a feeling of thin lace. His mineral purity matches with a fragrance of rose petals, warm brioche and fresh butter. The finish disappears as by magic and hallmarks this confidential bottle with an invisible stamp."