Marne Valley

A vineyard of character unique in the Marne Valley

72 parcels spread over several « crus » in the Marne Valley around Charly sur Marne. This part of the vineyard is to 90% dominated by the Pinot Meunier, whereas fast half of our vines are planted with Chardonnay, which is a unique and unusual selection of grape varieties for the Marne Valley. This has of course an important influence on the aromatic expression of our Champagne.


The situation and the most favorable exposure of the vine at the middle of the hillsides could allow running already some years ago the entire area in a reasoned way of culture: the sustainable viticulture. The terroir, prevailing on quantity, enhances the high aroma expression and the aromatic structure of the grapes. As a further step, some of our parcels are now cultivated organic.