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"Know where you come from to know you are going."
- Denise (6th Generation)
Portrait Jean Marc Charpentier


Man is born, learns from his loved ones, grows through his experience, and then in turn passes on his knowledge, his beliefs, his spirituality. This is how the CHARPENTIER vineyards have been handed down through 8 generations.


My thanks to Prosper, who began this saga in 1855. Closer to me, I am filled with memories of the generations I have known personally. Thank you to those who passed on to me their passion for the vines, for agronomy, and taught me how to live in harmony with the land.

Thank you also for making me who I am and giving me confidence, offering encouragement in my moments of doubt, and enabling me to pursue this incredible human adventure.

Until the time comes to share with the next generation…


Jean-Marc Charpentier

A vocation

"The fact that it is difficult to succeed makes the need to try more imperative."
- Beaumarchais

With a view of life based on simple values of respect, sincerity and sharing, Jean-Marc Charpentier, never far from the land, attaches a great deal of importance to the emotions.

A new type of entrepreneur, he began by devoting his energy to the development of the family vineyard, going back 8 generations, before giving more meaning to this vocation about fifteen years ago when he introduced plot selection winemaking.