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Today, it is highly sought-after.

Here, in the far west of the appellation area, at the gateway to Seine-et-Marne, Pinot Meunier is highly prized. And it's this location, far from the Grand Crus, that could also explain its marginality. "We have some old plots. We love this grape variety, which took me many years to understand. We had to understand how it works, where it flourishes best and how fragile it is. What's more, it doesn't ripen in the same way as a chardonnay or a pinot noir," continues Jean-Marc Charpentier, who produces a single-varietal cuvée from parcels of land.


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"For Jean-Marc Charpentier, a great cuvée is a wine that speaks for itself, that reveals both the personality of the terroir and that of the winemaker behind the cuvée. The work done in the vines has a huge impact on the tasting, and it's this work that makes the terroir, the vineyard, the vines, the plants, the minerals and the surrounding environment speak for themselve"


Hautes exigences


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"Great art"





"For a festive occasion at The Gourmet Gazette we returned to one of our favorite ... as soon as possible, the Blanc de Blancs had been a particular standout "



The gourmet



"With this wine, Jean-Marc Charpentier offers us a Champagne of great purity".




Discover the delicious recipe for Ikejime Red Tuna by Yoshi Nagato, Chef at Restaurant l'Agapé, on :






"...of remarkable intensity and delicacy"





" We were given the opportunity to taste the champagne wines of Maison Charpentier by its owner Jean-Marc Charpentier, combined with five perfectly matured cheeses selected by the excellent MOF Xavier Thuret. A real discovery, a real pleasure!"

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Jean-Marc Charpentier, Vigneron Propriétaire



Article to be found in the Zepros newspaper!


Zepro journal



Au coeur du CHR



Champagne CHARPENTIER Collection Terre dÉmotion



écoréseau business mag septembre 2023



"... The Champagne is rich and generous. The blend of Pinot Noir and Meunier has a fine stucture to balance the fresher fruitiness.


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"Tight and fruity with crisp acidity, the Champagne is both structured and full of white fruits. It is tangy, vivid and well balanced."


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"Fine bubbles and the flavours ru n in vertical, silky folds giving the wine tremendous texture."


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" Soft mousse and well-judged dosage which allows the acidity and sherbety minerality to shine through, while highlighting the generosity of the fruit."


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"His cognitis Gallus ut serpens adpetitus telo vel saxo iamque spes extremas opperiens et succurrens saluti suae quavis ratione colligi omnes iussit armatos."




"An address to follow"



This precise blend puts the Marne valley in the spotlight thanks to the Charly-Sur-Marne and Saulchery crus and the six plots from which the grapes come and on which Jean-Marc Charpentier practices agriculture that respects the environment. Fresh and aperitif, this raw truth has a nice vinosity. A pleasant way to discover this other great terroir of Champagne.


Sans titre




"A very fine success, and one that certainly knows how to shake us up".

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Elle à table juillet 2023





September 2023 Magazine !


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You can read the review here :





"Brut Vérité never ceases to surprise..."

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Maison Actuelle


"Spicy nose with aromas of subtle white cherries, raspberries, red apple and hints of honey. Ample and saline, energetic."





"Terre d'émotion - brut vérité" deserves its name, a Champagne like no other for precious moments and emotions. "






"This grenadine-coloured champagne
represents the rich expression of the Marne
of the Marne Valley (Charly-sur-Marne) with a pronounced pronounced

fruitiness with a fine minerality that leaves the taste buds refreshed...

is ideal all moments of shared conviviality."





""Kuukauden suosikki"






"Ideal as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to scallops with lentils."


Le losange mag


"The terroir sublimates the complex blend, finely fruity, of a nice length."





"Rare Champagne grown biodynamically, Champagne Charpentier wants to conquer the tables of HORECA."

lauvergnat de parisAu coeur du CHR




"with sushi, pan-fried prawns and fresh vegetables, crispy foie gras, velouté of veal sweetbreads with porcini mushrooms, rabbit with peaches ans onions, dry goat cheese, mango mousse and parmesan shavings. In the end, this champagne proves to live up to the promises implied in its appellation. The emotion is very present from the first sip. Mission accomplished ! "



Discover the menu created by Philippe Faure-Brac and his team! It has been specially created for Champagne Charpentier.

You can find the menu in the article below!





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"With squash stuffed with mushrooms: Terre d'émotion extra brut champagne, Charpentier. Produced according to biodynamic principles, this blanc de noirs champagne seduces on the nose, with its notes of red fruit, vanilla and spices.
Straightforward on the palate, it unfolds with fullness and lingers with fresh minerality."


le parisien




"Very nice wine."





"Warm straw and wheat on the nose, delicious on the palate, straightforward, tasty and taut, fresh, long, spicy finish, lemony bitterness."





"Let's give cheese a try!"

Wine review to be found in L'auvergnat de Paris, Thursday 24 November 2022!





Food and wine pairings:

Champagne Charpentier Terre d'Émotion Brut Vérité: pan-fried prawns and fresh vegetables, crispy foie gras, sweetbreads with porcini mushrooms, rabbit with peaches and onions, mango mousse and Parmesan shavings, lemon tart.

Champagne Charpentier Terre d'Émotion Blanc de Noirs Extra-brut: tapas of Serrano ham and pineapple, roast guinea fowl, liquorice and mushroom cream sauce, caramelised duck breast, raspberry velouté, raspberry macaroon.






Simply delicious. We've been enjoying Jean-Marc Charpentier and his Terre d'Emotion cuvées for a few years now. It was therefore high time to share our crush..."


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"Nose of red apples, plum and a hint of honey, peony and nectarine. Poised an fresh palate with delicate salinity. Impressive."


decanter scène



"Délicious, with a capital D"




"Stone fruits with textured mineral notes and a weighty palate of ripe citrus with supportive brioche textures and creamy mousse."      



"Memorable and lingering profile of lemon rind, nectarine and red cherry, with floral intensity and complex notes of brioche and bread. Balanced with finely-textured mousse and refreshing acidity."





"It is vibrant, chiseled and intense. For the aperitif but also for the meal. A great discovery"





"The Marne Valley is definitely a land of champagnes, especially in its western part"





"Great wines for great celebrations."






Japan Women's Wine Awards


sakura Gold 2022


Japan Women's Wine Awards


sakura Gold 2022



"Tense and nutty and bony dry. Almost tannic, there is so  much texture! Tastes of sunflower seeds and dry ground  turmeric and salty-tamarind-based lime pickle. Herbs; green fennel, tarragon, dill. Fierce jousting angles on this … Very distinctive, singular, a statement. But also a gauntlet. "

Tamlyn Currin



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https://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/early-2021-fizz, 18 Mar 2021


"Smells of blanched almonds and lemon-zested sour cream.  Cool and focused but with a wonderful white-nut-cream  wake building behind the piercing, crossbow-fastforward drive. All structure and intention. I can just  imagine this with parmesan feuilletées before a dinner. "

Tamlyn Currin



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https://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/early-2021-fizz, 18 Mar 2021


" Full, easy and generous, with slightly spicy (in the way of  ripe pear skin) greensharp and golden-ripe apples. A good  reception champagne that isn't too dry or toosickly, but enough fizz, tension and acidity to give the most  boring small talk a bit of a buzz and keep the salivary  glands from drying out."

Tamlyn Currin



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https://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/early-2021-fizz, 18 Mar 2021


"Smells of blanched almonds and lemon-zested sour cream.  Cool and focused but with a wonderful white-nut-cream  wake building behind the piercing, crossbow-fastforward drive. All structure and intention. I can just  imagine this with parmesan feuilletées before a dinner. "

Tamlyn Currin



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https://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/early-2021-fizz, 18 Mar 2021


"Terre d'émotion is the champagne created by Jean-Marc Charpentier and his team. The brut vérité cuvée has been sewn with gold thread, a blend of intuition, responsiveness and expertise."




Terre d’émotion brut vérité, le champagne élaboré par Jean-Marc Charpentier Vigneron – Paris Frivole (paris-frivole.com)






"Le terroir sublime l’assemblage complexe, finement fruité, d’une jolie longueur."


ecoréseau mag mai juin 2022



The art of time


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"pinot meunier back at the top of the choice."


Cuisine et vins de frane